The DECC is Stacked!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

DECC is Stacked: Closing Shop

I'm closing The DECC is Stacked down.  Back when I started this in 2004 (over at Livejournal) I don't think there was a UMD hockey blogger around (maybe one in the Duluth News Tribune?) so I figured why not me, I can do better than nothing right?  As of right now there's 5 of us, which is quite a bit if you consider UMD is a Division II school and Duluth isn't exactly a huge city.  All of them do a great job.  You have Donna at  Running With the Dogs,  Bruce Ciskie, the radio guy for the Dogs, blog, Kevin Pates with Rink&Run, and the probably lesser known College Hockey HighHorse.
For me, I've never had any sort of inside information and never professed to have in-depth knowlege of hockey or anything else for that matter.  I've just always wrote about what I've seen from my seat in the stands and my feelings for the game, writing just for the enjoyment of it. 
Things certainly have changed since I started in 2004;  I've lost pretty much all my enjoyment of "professional" sports (the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA specifically) but my enjoyment of UMD still is great (very excited for Thursday's Frozen Four game).  UMD opened a new hockey rink, the video and audio are huge impovements, but as a whole I consider it to be non-special and sort of blah.  I've met and married Amy, who's still the love of my life, and along with marrying her comes Gizmo the Cat who's now an older cat but still at times runs and plays like a little kitty.  We've bought a home, which is a place of peace for me, despite the all too long commute.  There's a 2 year old daughter in my life, "Little Miss" Kaelyn, who's a happy, silly, easygoing, wonderful girl and gives Amy and Me joy daily.  Amy and I have made many great vacations, from as far west as Seattle, to as far east as Copenhagen (Denmark), and other trips such as Maine and Yellowstone, and regular trips to Michigan to see family.
Still, I don't have any drive to write (about sports anyhow, maybe I'll start up some sort of family blog, if I do I'll post the link here).  Heck, UMD is in the Frozen Four this week, which I'm excited for, but yet I still haven't written anything.  Butler made it into the Final Four Championship Game and I didn't write anything.  The MCLA lacrosse season has begun (UMD is 4-4 by the way) and the Northwoods League will be starting fairly soon, yet I don't have the drive to post about them.
So, I'm shutting The DECC is Stacked down.  Even if UMD wins their first men's National Title I can't see myself getting a big post on it and can't see anything other than a quick Huzzah or something to that extent.  So in parting, remember "relax, it's just a game".